Your own Dutch Windmill!

Dutch windmills

For every visitor of the Netherlands counts that the photo-album is incomplete without a picture of a windmill in it

The windmills still present in Holland, are an object of interest for the Dutch people themselves, but especially for foreign tourists. The popularity of Windmills is increasing, and for a reason. Because of the special history, unique design and its machinery, the mills make a great come- back. Especially because of its function or just for its elegance, a windmill has in a certain way a great appearance. Nowadays there is still much appreciation for the technique acquired for windmills. Therefore it’s not very strange that people from all over the world have more and more interest for the mills.

A mill is a unique tool

Mills are a model of craftsmanship and centuries old techniques. There are a variety of mills for different kinds of activities. For example for producing flour, oil and paint, but also for sawing wood and pumping up water. The most known mills were built with eight sides and mill blades attached to hood. These four blades, with or without sails, catch the wind and as a result they begin to turn around. Due to this turning around, the axe of the mill is set in motion. Attached to this axe other spindles and axes will be set in motion too by cogwheels. With the help of this machinery you can do lots of things with the mill, like moving the least blocks for making flour or a big wooden mortar for a mill in a “polder” which is also typical Dutch.

Download the folder: Your own Dutch windmill