Your own Dutch Windmill!

Get your own mill

Fancy having your own windmill? A true, genuine Dutch windmill? We build it for you! Clearly, your mill will be a big 
attraction and draw people’s attention. Tourists from all over the world are excited about our Dutch windmills. There function, shape and design, they love it!

What do you think of a smock mill where you can grind your own flour? Bake your own bread and pancakes, made from cereals grind to flour. All by yourself, with your own windmill that has a typical Dutch store as well. Selling your own flour products. And traditional Dutch treats such as siropwafers, licorice and cheese!

Or do you prefer a real “Polder” mill with a traditional Dutch living area? Completely with cupboard-bedstead, a typical Dutch sleeping place in the windmill, and a fireplace with old Dutch tiles. Your visitors get a true, great impression of the old Dutch way of living!

Anything is possible…think of it, your own, unique windmill. From Kistemaker Edam of course.

A piece of history…

100 years ago the Netherlands were packed with windmills. Over 10.000  mills across the country, each village having at least one mill for making flour, pumping up water or sawing wood. Today, there are about 1200 mills left in Holland. Almost all of them protected by the government and maintained by passionate mill minded people who ensure the mills keep practicing and producing. Mostly volunteers, all very motivated to be a miller and/or organizers for fundraising.

Get a piece of Dutch culture in your country!

Kistemaker Edam, THE absolute leading mill builder, offers you the unique opportunity to build this extraordinary piece of Holland in your own country. This craft business with passionate, experienced workers is anxious to bring real ancient Dutch professional knowledge to you and other countries. Every mill is unique and custom built with passion and dedication. The possibilities being endless; mills with variety of functions and interiors.

Kistemaker Edam offers a wide variety of services, from consultancy to actual construction. We’d love to help you turn your dreams into a real mill. We help you setting up your building plans, and advise you where- or whenever you want. Our professional designs help you visualize your mill and make your dreams come true. And we cannot wait to make you even more enthusiastic and motivated than we are!